• Building Businesses

Whether you are a flourishing manufacturer seeking expansion or a start-up company looking to break into retail, you’ve come to the right place.

At The Swanson Group (TSG), we build businesses. Collectively, our team brings manufacturing, sales, marketing development and retail experience to the table. Having worked on all sides of the desk, we understand what drives decisions and brings results for all parties involved. We put this experience to good use by helping our clients build their national and private brand businesses like they were our own.

No matter what stage your business, brands and initiatives are in, TSG is ready to facilitate growth, manage transitions, solidify positions and discover unique, hidden assets within your organization. Once our team has the opportunity to evaluate your existing assets, processes and structures, we’ll find ways to enhance your current business model and uncover new strategies to differentiate you from your competition.

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There are a myriad of ways to build a business, but deciding which pathway to take first and what order to go in can be challenging, time consuming and littered with potential pitfalls. Choosing the right partner is critical to the health and viability of your company. At TSG, we lead business development and consultative initiatives to create a more dynamic position for our clients and generate alignment strategies and actions steps on a national, Class of Trade (COT), regional or account specific basis.

For Manufacturers Looking to Grow within USA, COT or with a Specific Retailer: No matter which avenue of expansion you’re seeking, we have the experience to get you there. Our first order of business is to identify your assets and understand your goals. Then together, we create innovative and cost effective solutions to best market your categories and products. This results in improved financial metrics – top line sales, bottom line contribution and market share penetration. As a team, we will align your solutions with the strategic vision and goals of the retailers you want to grow with.

For Start-up “Go-to-Market” Planning and Implementation: At TSG, we have a passion for excellence and teamwork and strive to provide significant “Points of Difference” for our clients. Our Go-to-Market strategy, based on our clients’ capabilities, business objectives, financial sustainability and expected deliverables, will help break through the current congested retail environment. It will also shorten your learning curve and get your products in front of consumers faster.

For Transitioning from Specialty Markets (Natural Health & Wellness, Beauty/Department Store, etc.) to FDM, Club and Dollar COT: Having a strong relationship and keen understanding of the different FDM, Club and Dollar Retailers is essential for success. Each COT has a unique position and relationship with their consumer. We can help parlay your assets and learnings from the Specialty side to the FDM, Club and Dollar COT successfully by appropriately aligning with the particular strategies of each retailer. Whether your target retailer is focused on margins, working capital efficiency, consumer loyalty, private brand or a combination, we help tailor your value proposition to fulfill their needs.

For OEM and Institutional Market Expansions Into FDM, Club And Dollar COT: For the right OEM and Institutional suppliers, the retail marketplace can be a lucrative avenue to achieve market diversification and growth as well as economies of scale in sourcing, production, marketing, and R&D. Unfortunately, many suppliers underestimate the competitive nature of the retail space and fail due to poor planning on the front end. TSG can help you design a differentiated sales vision, capabilities and retailer communication plan to bring your products to retail the right way.

International Vendor Seeking To Expand Successfully Within The United States: The US retail market is extremely loud, crowded and competitive so a proper plan and strategy is essential to ensure success. At TSG, we believe a healthy partnership should be based on a solid foundation of trust, knowledge sharing and contract-based performance. If your company is looking to enhance competitive advantage, and seeking growth and profit opportunities in the US, we will guide you in balancing your potential sales against the costs and risks of doing business in the US.

At TSG, we are committed to helping you build your business in the most effective and efficient way possible. We attribute our success to the approach we’ve used from the very beginning -- focusing on your assets, uncovering opportunity gaps and driving co-creation and innovation. Armed with information and the desire to continuously improve, we assist our clients in the development of creative strategies to reach your consumers while fulfilling retailer’s goals one action step at a time.

Focus on Assets: It is not uncommon for companies to overlook the value and potential use of their internal assets - both tangible and intangible. That is why our first order of business is to truly understand yours from the inside out. What are the features and benefits of your products? How well do they compete in the market? How are they branded? What goals and objectives do we need to meet to achieve success? We use this information to position your company and program offerings to win in the short term while our continual focus allows us to remain relevant and maintain a sharp competitive edge over the long term.

Uncover Opportunity Gaps: Finding a white space isn’t easy. It takes time, attention, due diligence and creativity. At TSG, we understand the competitive landscape can change on a dime so we look to our industry network to keep us apprised of new items and trends as well as changes in talent and direction to stay ahead of the pack. We closely monitor your competition, sydicated data and retailers’ moves in your category to reveal new item and cross merchandising opportunities to bring incremental value and sales. We also provide insights into the competitive retailer environment to deliver the most effective positioning for your products and services.

Drive Co-Creation and Innovation: Innovators want to invent. Retailers want to sell. The key to successful co-creation lies in transparency because it requires a commitment from both parties to understand and acknowledge each other’s assets, priorities and goals. It also involves listening and collaborating with the retail customer to gain their insights on potential new products, cross merchandising ideas and in-store promotions. Through TSG’s planning process, we help our clients and retailers move through the innovation and creative phases together to ultimately bring forward new and improved solutions. In addition, agile manufacturers often uncover hidden assets along the way to meet the retailers’ strategic priorities which further enhances loyalty and stronger alignment between the two parties.

Manufacturers typically have a firm understanding of their points of difference and how to best serve their consumers. They also have a firm grasp of where they want to go and what they wish to accomplish. However, there are times that the roadmap to get there is hazy. That’s where we come in. TSG can help you hone your strategic positioning to a more competitive edge. Our longevity, depth and range of experience in this industry has earned the trust of our retail network and industry affiliations. Beyond this, we have a national retailer and vendor network and international retail market experience ready to be tapped into when the time is right.

Retailer Network And Affiliations: At TSG, our focus is predominately the USA strategic, “must-win” retailers which we manage directly. We also offer executive advisory support to help our clients in defining their USA strategic plan and creating a differentiated position to bring forward to their targeted retailers. We utilize a number of practices to ensure success including facilitating comprehensive planning meetings resulting in "top-to-top" strategies and action steps. Our comprehensive representation also includes:

  • Designing a differentiated sales vision, capabilities and retailer communication plan
  • Providing guidance into elevating relationships with the top retail merchandising influencers
  • Retailer brand leadership and strategic positioning
  • Influencing stronger industry alignment by maximizing involvement in key associations including NACDS, PLMA and ECRM.

National Retailer And Vendor Network With Key Influencer Affiliations: Our history of trustworthiness has allowed us to successfully capitalize on our strong relationships with national retailers and vendors. The network we have managed to build has given us insights and key influencer affiliations that will help you swiftly expand beyond your current relationships and establish connections with new ones more efficiently.

International Retail Market Experiences And Positioning: Our experienced sales team is well informed of today’s international market to help you achieve optimal strategy and brand growth. Closer to home, we have two reputable, successful Canadian affiliates with distribution capabilities to incorporate into the strategy when defining your business plan.