Health & Wellness

TSG is committed to applying innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to bring new, high quality, cutting-edge items to our Retailer’s shelves that address common health concerns and encourage healthy living! Our countless years of success in OTC is due to our continual focus on staying informed of the newest technologies that are improving lives in this dynamic, ever-growing category.

Additionally, at-home diagnostics are transforming this space and are increasingly relevant. New innovations in consumer-driven health care are becoming progressively more common. Patients are taking more and more control over their health with touch of a button access to readily available digital information.

With many successful product launches in the health and wellness category, our knowledge, experience and relationships coalesce to expand distribution by filling the gaps in the market to meet consumers’ evolving needs!

Beauty & Personal Care

Personal care always seems to be that crowded category where it’s hard to win. Our proven success with product launches means we know what it takes to get that win-win-win! With many retailer relationships in personal care, you can count on us to get you where you need to be on the shelf. We endeavor to stay on top of the newest technologies and latest trends that influence this highly segmented category. In a category full of choices and scrupulous consumers, we will help you differentiate your product and position your brand to become the shoppers’ first choice.

Pet Nutrition & Accessories

Pet is one of the fastest growing categories in today’s marketplace and industry players are enjoying the ride. Staying ahead of the game will require continuous due diligence along with innovation and a strong team. At TSG, we understand the Pet Nutrition and Accessories landscape, what pet owners are looking for, and how clients and retailers can join together to bring forth the right items and selection to satisfy their needs.

Retailer Brands

Today’s shoppers are purpose driven, continuously on the hunt for the highest quality products at the best value.  As such, retailer brands are having more success than ever before. As retailers place more emphasis and put more dollars into their private labels, they look to align themselves with partners they know and trust. Private brand is shifting from NBE to innovation and TSG has always been a leader in this arena. We have been providing strategic advisory support and co-creation of new products for numerous years. With our expertise and understanding we know how to differentiate your company and balance a blended branded and private label position with the top national retailers.