After the Sale

Keys to Making your Product a Success after the Sale

You’ve worked long and hard on selling your product into that important retailer. Months of strategizing, planning, creating the presentation, phone calls, emails and airport visits have finally resulted in gaining that key distribution. Your new item is finally on shelf. Mission accomplished. Or, is it?

As you soon discover, the initial selling process is only half the battle. In fact, in many cases, the real work begins after the handshake. Surprisingly, many companies fail to plan adequately for this important step in the process. Over the years, we’ve seen new product shipments delayed or discontinued in less than a year because of an insufficient “after the sale” planning process. Are you familiar with the specific retailer set-up forms, documents and templates needed to seamlessly ship your first case of product? How long does EDI testing require? How do I gain the exact shelf location my Brand deserves? What’s the most effective retailerspecific trade marketing events that will insure consumer pull through and a strong POS scorecard? How are my items selling relative to my key competitors in the same shelf set? These are just a few of the multitude of questions that need to be considered and memorialized in an “after the sale” plan.

At TSG, our involvement in your business encompasses both the upfront selling process and just as importantly, the back end selling process. We can help you navigate this important step in the overall selling process to improve your chances for success. Our goal is to expand your Brand presence and maximize your sales in every retailer by building a customized comprehensive “after the sale” checklist and plan that we discuss with you before your product ever hits the shelf.

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