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We are solution driven, and finding ways to grow our clients’ businesses is the core of what we do.  In this crowded and competitive place, first impressions and the right approach can make or break a company’s chances of getting products into stores and on the shelf. Moreover, shopping habits are changing faster than ever before.  Consumers expect their shopping experiences to be faster, easier, cheaper and more personalized.  With so many places to shop and the digital universe in the palm of their hand, you best give the customer what they want or they will go somewhere else.  How do you plan to rise above and stay ahead of these challenges?

Choosing the right partner is critical to success.  Our experience with clients across multiple categories has given us a unique view into the world of retail management for both national and private brands.  When we look to bring on a new client we ask ourselves, “What are the company’s assets?”  We recommend you do the same.  Here at The Swanson Group (TSG) our assets are:  Our People, Our Knowledge, Our Expertise and Our Relationships.  Combining them enables us to deliver solutions that optimize your assets and ultimately drive sales, growth and financial reward for your business.

Staying ahead of the game also requires attention and discipline.   At TSG we are focused on your success.  From managing the day-to-day relationship, to working our industry network to uncover new opportunities, to crafting strategies for future growth, we work on behalf of your company as if it were our own.

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TSG has been helping manufacturers successfully navigate the challenges of retail since 1998. Our team is comprised of people from both sides of the desk which gives us an “insiders” perspective on the manufacturer-retailer relationship and the experience to provide a comprehensive retail solution for your business including:

Comprehensive Account (Retailer / Client) Management: Whether you are a new manufacturer or have established brands already in retail, TSG can manage all tactical daily responsibilities including sales, analysis and administration so you don’t have to. Moreover, our strong go-to-market knowledge and experience becomes your resource from concept all the way through to distribution.

Presentation Development & Delivery: To grow your business, you need to optimize your value proposition with retailers. Depend on us to help you rethink retail with our effective, concise and appealing presentations and the execution of the agreed upon deliverables.

Order & Supply Chain Management: Maintaining required service levels can be challenging. Our proficiency with order and supply chain management provides reliable sales and forecasting guidance to help ensure products are shipped accurately and on time to meet the retailers’ needs.

Retail Analytics: Retail analytics are a driving force in category management, merchandising and marketing plans, product assortment selection, sales, and supply chain management. TSG utilizes data and analytics to gather insights and reveal improved merchandising approaches to accelerate rate of sale. Insights, demonstrated with data, can also uncover opportunity gaps to further drive sales and profit.

Promotional Plan Development & Management: Timing is everything. We work closely with the marketing teams at our Retail partners to develop creative and cost effective in store promotions that build awareness and drive sales.

Accounting Support: Our experience with retailer’s internal systems help support clients with accounting issues that may arise.

We understand your business means everything to you. TSG will design a national or retailer-specific sales approach that positions your company and products for optimal success.

Identify Key Opportunity Gaps / White Spaces: TSG succeeds in identifying white spaces and effectively positioning products and brands alike to get your items on the shelf quickly and in front of consumers when they’re ready to buy. Our retail partners appreciate this due diligence because it shows them we are working hard on their behalf -- always searching to bring forward new and unique selling opportunities that meet the needs of more consumers and generate category growth.

Item Development & Selection: The item development and selection process can be exciting, but also very challenging. We passionately and creatively customize the development and selection of products to specific retailer’s business models.

Product Assortment Strategies & Positioning: To optimize our client’s placement and product assortment on shelf we combine our understanding of the retailers’ strategies & goals with category trends, competitive analysis and the right adjacencies to maximize sales for our clients’ brands.

TSG has the assets you need to help you build and optimize your business. Consider us the working bridge that connects your strategies with those of our retail partners.

Retailer Strategist & Interface: We know retail and we know what motivates our retail partners. As a trusted advisor to many of the industry’s most influential buyers, we appreciate their busy schedules and utilize our “face time” with them efficiently and successfully.

Team Selling: The TSG company culture is uniquely effective because we work as a team with every client. This approach ensures we put forward our strongest assets to win in each situation. Combining our talents enables us to see more, challenge the norm and think outside the box. Additionally, our team approach brings greater insights and opportunities to deliver impactful solutions.

Trade Show Management: We make the most of trade shows by working with our clients to secure meetings, set agendas and prepare materials that meet the needs of our retail partners and further the relationship.

Industry Associations: TSG is a member of NACDS and PLMA and has associations with GMDC and CHPA. We can provide guidance into elevating your relationship with the top retail merchandising influencers.

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