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Health & Wellness

If your business has an innovative, entrepreneurial approach to developing high quality, cutting-edge items, TSG is poised to help you bring them to our retail partners’ shelves.

New technologies or solutions that address common health concerns and promote healthy living are hot commodities. Other areas of opportunity include products that address the needs of the consumers who are staying more active and products geared toward the expanding older segment of the population.

Categories include:



Absorbent Products

Pain Relief

Braces and Supports

Durable Medical Equipment

Beauty & Personal Care

Personal care is a crowded landscape, but we develop solutions to help you succeed. We stay cued into the newest trends and technologies that influence this highly segmented category. In a category full of choices, we will help you differentiate your product and position your brand to stand out.

We have a proven track record of success in this space, and we know what it takes to win! Count on us to position your products in a way that will be attractive to the retailer to gain placement on their shelves.

Categories include:


Skin Care

Oral Care

Hair Clippers, Trimmers and Shavers

Facial devices


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supplies

TSG constantly monitors the CPG industry impacts of current events in real-time.  As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an unprecedented surge in demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  TSG’s deep contacts and experience enabled us to quickly pivot to resource and bring these essential goods and services to retailers and their customers to meet this critical demand.

Products include:

Face Masks

Hand Sanitizers


Disposable Gloves


Ultra Violet



Liquid Soaps

Pet Health and Wellness

Pet Health and Wellness is one of the fastest growing categories in today’s marketplace. At TSG, we understand this landscape. We have a keen sense of what pet owners are looking for and how clients and retailers can collaborate to maximize the opportunity.

Staying ahead of this game requires continuous attention and innovation. Our dedication to your success is exactly what this highly competitive market requires to stand out.

Categories include:







Retailer Brands

Shoppers are astute. They are purpose-driven and are looking for the highest quality products that are also well-priced.  That’s why retailer brands are having more success than ever before. As retailers put more dollars into their private labels, they look to align themselves with partners they know and trust. Private Label or Retailer Brands specifically are shifting to providing more National Brand Better (NBB) versus just National Brand Equivalent (NBE) offerings and TSG has always been a leader in this arena.

Categories include:

Health and Wellness



Personal Care

Pet Food and Treats

Pet Accessories


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